From projecting the brighter side of Pakistan, to reporting objectively and critically, I-MARC has it all.

The nature of media has evolved drastically over the past. Future gazing, that was then considered an unrealistic action, is now considered inevitable for progress and development. I-MARC 2015 gives the participants a chance to relive and analyze the past, understand the present power and imagine the future with greater creativity and innovation.

Focusing thought on questions like censorship, mass media, technology and yellow journalism, media has created several directions for every perspective. I-MARC 2015 came back to make people think, to think about the future of media, set a new benchmark but with better and clearer understanding and knowledge; live all the generations to perform as the more advanced and prepared generation.

With I-MARC 2015, we endeavored to inculcate the attribute of envisioning a higher future, a designation that the Pakistani media is capable of achieving. And as far as we are concerened, we did.