Poetic Reconstructions


Poetic Reconstructions is an original series of lectures sponsored by IBA Social Sciences Club and IBA Literary Society.

"Faiz was focused on the external world while N. M. Rashed looked inwards. This difference between the two revered contemporaries was pointed out by American scholar A. Sean Pue during his talk titled 'A Punjabi critique of Sufi idiom: N. M. Rashed and Urdu literary tradition' at the GT auditorium, IBA, on Monday.

Sean Pue, an associate professor of Hindi Language and South Asian Literature and Culture at Michigan State University, began his lecture by giving a brief bio of Rashed. He said he was an important modernist poet in Urdu and one of the pioneers of free verse. He studied at Government College Lahore and worked at the All India Radio Delhi. His first collection of poems, Mavara, was published in 1941.

The talk was followed by Dr Nomanul Haq's very fine recitation of some of Rashed's poems, including 'Harf-i-nagufta ke azaar se hushyar raho', 'Main seh neem' and 'Sulaiman sar bazaanu'.

After the recitation, the floor was opened for a question-and-answer session. Responding to a question about the difference between Faiz Ahmed Faiz and N. M. Rashed, Prof Pue said Faiz was more focused on the external world while Rashed looked inside of himself."