Tajdeed-e-Ehd-e-Wafa '15


The IBA Literary Society organised a Tajdeed E Ahd E Wafa (revival of the pledge of loyalty), an event inextricably tied to the love of Urdu literature and its revival. It was part of the closing ceremony of the Students week held at IBA in celebration of the 60 years of success that the Institute has accomplished. The event was designed to project the richness of Urdu language through a plethora of performances, which ranged from dramas to recitals and renditions of literary masterpieces.

The first play was entitled Qurandaazi; it was a truly magical play written by an IBA student, creating an utterly stimulating evening and leaving everyone in awe. The second play called Half-plate was equally spectacular. This play is a masterpiece by Anwar Maqsood and the way it was replicated by the Ibaians was absolutely mesmerising and it landed everyone in nostalgia. This event was undoubtedly an opportunity for our accomplice participants to show case their talents and to help the audience reminisce an enjoyable collection of urdu plays.

The event also included a musical and flute performance by IBA students. These performances proved to be utterly captivating, leaving people enchanted by the beauty of the Urdu language. The recital of the poem Shikwa jawab e shikwa further enlivened the atmosphere and illustrated the glory of the language. Our chief guest for the evening was Mr.Talat Hussain, the man behind numerous urdu plays and dramas.


The students made a magnificent attempt to capture the beauty of the Urdu language. The audience applauded and enjoyed enthusiastically; they were very appreciative of the performances. Such encouragement can easily pave the way for more such performances to be held in the future. A careful observation of the quality of performances given by the students would lead one to believe that IBA has more artistes than entrepreneurs in the pipeline; everyone was spellbound by the level of creativity shown by the cast and crew.

Moreover, the event had granted us the chance to become aware of the intricacies of the theatrical rendition that has the potential to attract a large audience.We hoped to assist in the birth of scrupulous staging, and were successful. The event was inspired by the need for urdu literature to be elevated and we hope everyone who was present at the event has been inculcated with the desire to discover more about the fascinating urdu literary aspects.