Dr. Abdul Haque Chang - IBA faculty awarded Post-Ph.D. research grant by Wenner-Gren Foundation

Dr. Abdul Haque Chang

Dr. Chang has been conducting ethnographic research on Shah Jo Rag, a Sufi musical tradition of Sindh, since 1995 and was recently awarded a $20,000 research grant by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for his study on the topic "The Making of Shah Jo Raag: An Ethnographic Study of Sufi Musical Tradition in Sindh, Pakistan". His research will focus on the making of Shah Jo Raag, a tradition of devotional music in the province of Sindh, Pakistan, transmitted orally by families of hereditary traditional musicians since 1743. By engaging with theories on applied ethnomusicology, caste, autoethnography, music, culture, and ethnomusicology, this research aims to contribute to the scholarly literature on place-based contemporary socio-musical relationships of Sufi musical tradition within the disciplines of anthropology and ethnomusicology.

Dr. Abdul Haque Chang is currently Assistant Professor in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Department at IBA, Karachi. His research interests include ethnomusicology, Sufi music and poetry, history, religion, and environmental anthropology in Pakistan.