Fulltime Faculty

Dr. Abdul Haque Chang Assistant Professor
Dr. Ahmad Azhar Assistant Professor SSLA-Faculty of Business Administration
Email aazhar@iba.edu.pk
Aliya Iqbal Naqvi Faculty Member
Email ainaqvi@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Amana Raquib Assistant Professor
Email amana.raquib@gmail.com Phone 111422422 (Ext.2667)
Asma Ghani Lecturer
Email aghani@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.SL)
Ayesha Zia Assistant Professor
Email ayeshazia@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Babar Ahmed Assistant Professor
Email bahmed@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.2684)
Dr. Ali Gibran Siddiqui Assistant Professor and Program Director BS (SSLA)
Email agsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq Assistant Professor
Email fmushtaq@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.2647)
Ghazal Asif Teaching Fellow
Email gasif@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.Study Leave)
Dr. Haider Khan Nizamani Assistant Professor
Email hknizamani@iba.edu.pk
Hammad Sarfraz Lecturer
Email hsarfraz@iba.edu.pk
Haniya Yameen Lecturer
Email hyameen@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Huma Naz Siddiqui Baqai Associate Professor
Phone 111422422 (Ext.2637)
Dr. Junaid Alam Memon Professor
Email jamemon@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Laila Sohail Farooq Assistant Professor and Director CBER
Maria Hassan Assistant Professor Coordinator - CWC
Email mhsiddiqui@iba.edu.pk Phone 0921111422422 (Ext.2044)
Dr. Moiz Hasan Assistant Professor
Email mhasan@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Muhammad Bilal Munshi Assistant Professor
Email mbilal@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.2685)
Muna Khan Lecturer
Email munakhan@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Nadya Qamar Chishty Mujahid Assistant Professor
Email nchishty@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.2633)
Dr. Nausheen Hafeeza Anwar Professor, City & Regional Planning and Director Karachi Urban Lab
Email nhanwar@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.2648)
Dr. Newal Osman Assistant Professor
Email nosman@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.2693)
Nudrat Kamal Lecturer and Associate Student Liaison Office (SLO)
Ms Palvashay Sethi Lecturer-SS & LA
Email palvashay@iba.edu.pk
Rahma Muhammad Mian Lecturer and Interim Dean Student Affairs
Email rahma@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Sahar Nadeem Hamid Assistant Professor and Chairperson Social Sciences & Liberal Arts
Email snadeem@iba.edu.pk
Sajjad Ahmad Lecturer
Email sahmad@iba.edu.pk
Seher Ali Shah Lecturer
Email sashah@iba.edu.pk
Shahzeb Ahmed Hashim Lecturer
Email sahashim@iba.edu.pk
Dr. Shehram Mokhtar Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator, BS (SSLA)
Email smokhtar@iba.edu.pk
Summer Qassim Lecturer
Email sqassim@iba.edu.pk Phone 111422422 (Ext.Study Leave)