Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

The Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts offers a four-year multidisciplinary undergraduate program with major offerings in Media & Communications, Political Science, and Psychology. The program is designed to help students develop the theoretical, historical, and experiential knowledge they will need to interact with our social and cultural world. We recognize that studying the social sciences and the liberal arts today requires both disciplinary and interdisciplinary thinking, and that training in specific methods of research and analysis should always be grounded in a complex understanding of the world we inhabit. To accomplish these goals, we focus on how students can use strategies and frames of analysis to understand and critique our increasingly interdependent economic, political, communal, cultural, and mediated lives.

Courses that comprise the liberal arts and sciences component of the program introduce students to a range of academic disciplines in the natural and human sciences. These include courses in visual studies, philosophy, religion, history, literature, mathematics, physics, and the environmental sciences. Through these, students will develop foundational cognitive skills in both qualitative and quantitative thinking that will inform and enhance the work they do in their major field of study.



Message from the Chairperson
Dr. Faiza Mushtaque

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